domingo, novembro 14, 2004


A língua portuguesa não tinha ainda um acrónimo tão forte, NED (Non Educated Delinquent), um neologismo a reter:

For those of us who were not educated at kindergarten, a ned is a person between the ages of around 8 to 18 who speaks with an accent no-one but fellow neds can understand (often saying stuff like ken fit ye bam). Their clothing consists of brightly coloured fake tracksuits and puffa jackets – a warning for people to stay away, similar to the markings of a wasp. Most will sport a radiant tan – although the furthest they’ve been is to a young offenders’ institute.They’ve been Smoking anything from mud to oregano since they were 3 coz they think it’s hard. They to display this ‘hardness’ by constantly having a cigarette behind one ear, an earring in the other and using the middle finger approach at least 32 times a day. They like to wear a ton of gold jewelery; so high quality the gold rubs off. Hobbies of the bam include drinking, burning down buildings, starting fights and shouting abuse at people. 'im nae a ned ye feckin cunt'

Reconhece-se o estereótipo ... basta passear num centro comercial no fim de semana. Eles de fatos de treino e elas de cor-de-rosa; e para o ano?

Fiz um tuning integral! Vais gostar Betty!

O telefone é Nokia, a écharpe é Dior e o cinzeiro é Siza ... ah! e o cabelo é Beauté!
O escravo vem atrás com as malas ...

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